Quantcast Definitions - mo322_20027

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storage tanks in fresh water systems. Included also are the various accessories normally
associated with fresh water tanks.
Grounds - includes lawn and turf areas, areas seeded to rough grasses, agricultural and
grazing lands, woodlands, trees and shrubs, runoff and erosion control works, fill and cut
slopes, gullies, irrigation systems, and weed control.
Interior Walls -what can be seen from the inside of a facility
Painting - preparing and painting or coating of an inspected surface
Pavement - concrete and asphalt roads, parking lots, sidewalks and airfields
Railroad Trackage - includes running tracks, access tracks, classification yards, sidings,
and storage track
Retaining Walls - retaining walls of all kinds, including cribbing and sheet piling when
used as retaining walls.
Stair - stairs go from one level to another with 8 treads or more, steps are less than 8
Storm Drainage Systems - includes catch-basins, curb inlets, pipelines, headwalls, out-
falls and tide gates, drop structures and spillways, manholes, culverts, subsurface
drainage, gutters, and ditches. A plan of the entire storm drainage system from inlets to
outfall ditches should be used.
Swimming Pools - includes swimmi ng pools, wading pools, and accessories, such as
spring boards and diving towers.
Tunnels and Underground Structures - including ammunition storage tunnels; pipeline
tunnels, vehicular tunnels, and water tunnels; also, underground structures housing
utilities, service installations, and similar equipment or operations. It does not include
underground tanks, or earth-covered ammunition magazines that are wholly or partly
Waterfront - (refer to MO-104 for additional definitions)
Topside - what can be inspected by walking on the top of the structure
Underside - what can be inspected from a boat by or under the structure at mean
low water
Underwater - what can be inspected by a diver during an under water inspection
Window - the window package and the interface with the facility


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