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Antenna-Supporting Towers and Masts-Continued
complete loss of paint
Obstruction and Navigation Lights: relamping:
n Improper operation and lack of cleanliness of lights, shields, hoods, and
receptacle fittings:
n Sticking, binding, arcing, or burning of relay contacts; loose connections,
missing parts of relays:
n Lightning Rods and Aerial Terminals: damage from burning:
Conduits, Terminals, and Downleading Cables:
loose or missing attachments to structures
other damage
n Poor or unsatisfactory mechanical bonding of joints of aerial terminals,
downleading cables, and ground connections:
n Lack of electrical continuity from aerial terminals through ground
n Dirt, dust, grease, or other deposits on insulators, or cracks, breaks, chips,
or checking of the porcelain glaze or signs of arc tracking:
n Pulleys, winches, cables, ropes, or the elevating mechanisms and gear for
inadequacy or improper operating condition:
5.2.4 Asbestos: Asbestos was used before 1970 mainly for insulation purposes.
Asbestos is a general term for several fibrous mineral silicates. It is difficult to detect.
Technical Note N-1576 Characterization of Asbestos Construction Products at Naval
Shore Facilities of May 1980 and Technical memorandum M-52-77-7 Characterization
of Asbestos Construction Materials at Naval Shore Facilities of April 1977 provide ex-
tensive lists of asbestos containing materials. Do not disturb something that could con-
tain asbestos. Asbestos is commonly found in:


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