Quantcast Imhoff and Septic Tanks

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n Flood Irrigation Systems including Delivery Channels, Gates,
Flow-Control and Water Turnout Works, and Border-Dikes:
defective operation
water loss
improper application
failure to supply to all parts of tract
Windbreaks of Trees:
lack of vigor
dead or dying trees requiring replacement
disease and insect damage indicated from condition of leaves
branches interfering with utility lines
contour ridges in arid sections inadequate to prevent surface runoff
and retain and cause absorption of storm waters around tree
n Weed Control:
vigor and rapid growths indicating need of reapplying soil sterilents
erosion damage where soil sterilents were used
check for emergence of any and all types of vegetation as an index
of the efficacy of the remaining soil chemicals and a need for
applying additional chemicals to the soil
where selective contact sprays are used, check for percentage of kill
and injury to vegetation that is to be preserved
check vegetation on adjoining lands for damage by spray drift
5.2.17 Imhoff and Septic Tanks: Refer to NAVFAC Technical Publication
DM-5 for standards.
n Visit all septic and Imhoff tanks and manholes to determine proper
n Note any indication of oil, gasoline, or lubricating grease entering the


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