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Railroad Trackage-Continued
rail cutting
insufficient or improper embedment in ballast to prevent movement
inadequate drainage
Dirt and mud accumulations
soft or wet spots
grass or weeds
washing away and settlement
inadequate extension beyond ties
slope to grade steeper than 2 to 1
n Drainage:
Obstructed drainage ditches and culverts
erosion of side slopes and shoulders
actual or potential slides onto or close to track
washing or erosion at head-walls
inlets discharge openings
n Turnouts: Refer to NAVFACINST 11230.1(Series) to determine proper
gages, for example, between frogs and flange faces and on tangents and
Lack of lubrication
clogged with debris or dirt
inadequately spiked
improper operating condition of switch points, switch latches,
targets, and lamps:
loose/missing rail braces
worn/damaged switch and frog points
n Tank Car Unloading Tracks:
Bonding wires across rail joints, between rails and unloading header
pipelines, and connections between rails and ground rods, and
insulated rail joints


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