Quantcast Waterfront-Topside-Continued - mo322_20077

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Pilings or structure - check for loose layers of concrete or hollow
spots by sounding with a hammer. A sharp ring noise indicates
sound concrete. A soft surface will be detected, not only by sound
change, but also by a change in the rebound, or feel of the hammer.
A thud or hollow sound indicates a delaminated layer of concrete,
most likely from corrosion of steel reinforcement.
n Wood:
Stringers and pile caps - Check for
Broken or missing members
Bearing, batter, and fender piles - Check for
Broken or missing members
Dolphins - Check for
Broken, worn or corroded
Cable connections
Corroded, loose, broken, or missing
Wedge block
Chafing strips and bands
Chock bolt hangers
Pilings - Check for
Marine borer damage
Interior rot by sounding with hammer and probing suspect areas
with a sharp, thin, pointed object. If an area is in question, take a
small boring for laboratory analysis using an increment borer. Once
the core is extracted, seal the hole with a creosote treated plug to
prevent easy access of borers to the interior of the pile


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