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General poor condition
Replacement hardware difficult to obtain
5.3.5 Exterior walls: Walls will normally only be repaired. If replacement is
considered, have an engineering study performed.
5.3.6 Fencing:
n Repair:
Minor, spotty, or no rust (on metal fencing)
Minor damage or deterioration over small sections of fencing
General good appearance
Severe rusting (on metal fencing)
Major damage or deterioration over a large part of fencing
General poor appearance
5.3.7 Floor: (tile, carpet, painted, etc)
Renewal of floor finishes is cyclic maintenance. Each situation must be assessed
by the inspector before preparing an estimate.
5.3.8 Foundation: If in doubt about repairing or replacing the construction of a
facility have an engineering study performed to review the situation.
5.3.9 Interior walls: Walls will normally only be repaired. If replacement is con-
sidered, have an engineering study performed.
5.3.10 Painting: Painting is cyclic maintenance. Normally every 5 years the inte-
rior and exterior surfaces of a facility should be repainted. Some factors to consider
before specifying a paint job are the:
n  Item to be painted:
n Surface type, age, and condition - old and weathered surfaces would
require more frequent applications of paint:
n Time since last painting:


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