Quantcast Chapter 6.Mechanical Inspection Guide

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Air conditioning - devices that cool air including heat pumps
Air handler - devices that move heated, cooled, and untreated air and the associated
Boilers - includes boilers, expansion drums on high temperature water installations,
boiler auxiliaries, and controls
Emergency eyewash/shower - all eyewashes, showers, and exposed pipe used to wash
eyes or body when contaminated with hazardous materials
Exhaust - devices that cause or allow air to leave a facility (fans, vent, etc.)
Fire protection - everything from the first valve outside of the facility to the discharge
point, includes sprinkler systems and hose outlets, note fire extinguishers
Fuel Facilities -
Distribution - fuel distribution facilities include piping, valves, accessories, signs
and markings, ground connections, pits, tunnels, and ladders
Receiving and Issue - includes platforms and islands, small structures, fuel hose,
hose connections, and adapters, hose racks and reels, grounding connections, portable
ladders and steps, portable gangplanks, signs and markings, general cleanliness, and
Storage - includes surface and subsurface tanks, tank enclosures, and tank fittings
and appurtances
Heating - devices that heat air for a facility, not heat pumps
Incinerators - includes incinerators used for refuse and garbage disposal, including spe-
cial-purpose types


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