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Water Utility System - the water lines from the base's source (city line, well, reservoir,
etc.) through any storage tanks to the destination (facility, fire line, etc.)
6.2.1 Air conditioning:
n Condenser - Check for:
Metal cabinet condition
Fan and coil condition
n Evaporator - Check for:
Metal cabinet condition
Fan and coil condition
Proper drainage of drain pan
Electrical wiring condition
Condition and proper operation of control circuits
Refrigeration piping and insulation - Check for
Hanger system condition
Deteriorated piping
Leaking and weeping joints
Insulation condition and type
Asbestos insulation condition whether encapsulation or
removal is necessary
Piping to ensure that piping is same throughout (copper,
black, and galvanized are not mixed)
Fan coil units - Check for
Proper operation of unit
Cabinet damage
Drainage of drain pan
Proper mounting
Duct system including air diffusers and return air grills - Check for
Proper operation of dampers


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