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Vessels for more information. Inspectors must obtain and possess a valid NAV-
FACENGCOM Certificate of Competency and a current license issued by the
geographic Engineering Field Division/Engineering Field Activity (EFD)/(EFA). Con-
tracted inspectors must possess a state certificate and a current license issued by the
EFD/EFA. Before entering the shell or drums of the boiler, make sure that they have
been properly ventilated; that there is no inflammable gas present; that the blow-off and
surface blow-off valve, the main and auxiliary steam valves, feed-water valves, and all
other valves on connecting pipes are closed; and that a reliable method is used to
safeguard these valves while anyone is inside the boiler. When electric cords are used
inside a boiler they should be in good condition, well insulated, designed to withstand
mechanical injury and provided with a suitable guard. Naked lights are prohibited. On
this inspection report, indicate decrease in pressure-carrying capacity and recommenda-
tions not completed or scheduled for completion from previous inspection reports and
log sheets. Check for:
n Safety and Relief Valves:
accumulated rust, scale or debris
obstructed drain
hazardous conditions created by discharge
try lever not free
gags removed
stems not bent
n Automatic Low-Water (Level or Flow) Fuel Cut-Off and/or Water
Feeding Device:
deteriorated or defective parts
improper function
n Gages:
cracked, broken, missing or dirty glass
illegible markings
bent pointer


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