Quantcast Boilers-Continued - mo322_20091

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n Pressure Reducing Valves:
loose, missing, broken parts
rust, scale, other substance preventing proper operation
n Blow-Off Tanks:
excessive corrosion
distortion, other weakness
leaks, water pockets
improperly placed valves
n Ladders and Runways:
broken, cracked, split, badly worn members
excessive corrosion
loose or missing bolts or other connections
broken welds
abnormal deflection
loose or warped sections
slippery surfaces
inadequate anchorage
n Electric Steam Generators: Refer to Chapter 7, Electrical Inspections
Guide, Motors and Generators. Check for:
burnt, corroded, frayed, or broken strands in grounding cable
loose connections
broken or deteriorated screens and guards
missing, illegible, or improperly posted warning signs
connection of potable water to sewer system
absence of air gap between potable water and waste pipe
n Preparation for Inspection:


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