Quantcast Boilers-Continued - mo322_20098

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n Pressure Reducing Valves: defective, inadequate, improper operation:
n  Metering and Recording Devices: improper operation:
n Boiler Auxiliaries:
steam leakage
wastage to atmosphere
unnecessary use
inadequate or improper functioning
n Boiler Safety and Water-Pressure Relief Valves:
improper operation
obstructed discharge
does not release at required pressure
have qualified personnel adjust to proper setting requirements (See
MO-324 for appropriate organizations/personnel authorized to
perform this function)
n Feedwater Treatment:
Equipment: ineffective, inadequate, improper operation
Materials: incorrect, insufficient
n Feedwater Quality:
proper analyses
allowable ranges
periodic checks
n Fuel Handling Practices:
multiple handling
use of duplex equipment for small loads
unnecessary heating
improperly maintained equipment
insufficient operation
n Partial Loading: unnecessary use of similar equipment at part load when
one unit could carry load:


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