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6.2.4 Elevators: Check certification to ensure it is current. Record and immedi-
ately advise if certification is expired.
6.2.5 Emergency eyewash or shower: Check for:
n  Proper operation:
n Condition:
6.2.6 Exhaust:
n Fans - Check for:
Proper rotation
Belts and sheaves for proper condition, alignment and tension
Fan inlet and outlet for system defects
Measure fan speed, motor speed, voltage, amperage, static pressure
at the fan inlet and outlet, total flow rate at the fan inlet. Request
Mechanical Engineering assistance from EFD/EFA/NEESA if
inspection capability is not available at local Public Works
Department. Request technical support for proper selection of fans
to meet special activity requirements of temperature, corrosiveness,
abrasiveness, and flammability.
n Bathroom exhaust fan - Check for:
Proper ventilation
Proper operation
Cleanliness of filters
Proper operation of dampers
n Exhaust system for clothes dryer - Check for:
Proper operations
Cleanliness of filters
6.2.7 Fire Protection:
n Sprinkler system piping - Check for:
Check for painted fusible elements on sprinkler heads. Painted
fusible elements will cause an unwanted delay in sprinkler head
Check for painted heat activated devices (HAD's). If heat detectors
are used to activate a sprinkler system (i.e., deluge or pre-action
systems) the HAD's cannot be painted.


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