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Fire Protection- Continued
Rusted piping
Leaking threaded or mechanical joints
Rusted or broken hangers
Bent pipe
n Combustible materials above sprinkler heads - It is illegal to have
flammable material above a drop ceiling without a sprinkler head to serve
that area:
n Connections between fire protection and domestic water (fire water
should not be allowed to flow back to the domestic water system).
Backflow preventers are required on foam water sprinkler systems.
Conventional wet-pipe, dry-pipe, pre-action and deluge sprinkler systems
only require a check valve between the sprinkler system and the domestic
n Deterioration of fusible elements on sprinkler heads especially in
corrosive or exterior atmospheres. There are no fusible links on halon
n Certification of all components:
6.2.8 Fuel Facilities:
Distribution -
n  Above-Ground Piping:
loose connections
damaged or missing hangers and supports
misalignment causing undue stresses at pipe joints or failure to
allow freedom of movement at expansion joints
defective gland nuts and bolts at expansion joints and clamp-type
deteriorated or damaged paint or protective coverings. Stop leaks
by takeup within limits of packing gland adjustments
defective packing
defective hangers and supports
defective gland nuts and bolts


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