Quantcast Fuel Facilities-Distribution-Continued - mo322_20102

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Fuel Facilities-Distribution-Continued
Check for
loose flanges at leaking gaskets
defective gaskets
leaking stems, within the limit of packing gland adjust-
defective packing
defective or missing bolts and nuts, handwheels, and
operating levers
n  Meters and Pressure Gages:
significant drop in pressure after 15 minutes
cracked dial cover glasses
defective gaskets
moisture behind glasses
mechanical damage
inaccuracy of indicating and recording mechanisms
n Thermometers:
mechanical damage
loss of indicating fluid
n Strainers: Remove obstructions. Remove and examine for wear, damage,
obstructions, and replace defective screens:
defective operation
n Shock Absorbers:
leaks and mechanical damage
liquid in U-bend of liquid-cushion type not at proper level
tube pressure at which pneumatic-tube type operates is below
normal pressure plus the amount specified by manufacturer


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