Quantcast Fuel Facilities-Distribution-Continued - mo322_20103

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Fuel Facilities-Distribution-Continued
hammering sound in pipelines of bellows-type after previous
satisfactory operation indicates probable damage and must
be repaired or replaced
liquid in air-chamber type
n Vents:
damaged screens
dirt or other obstructions blocking discharge to atmosphere
restricted by paint or corrosion
Grounding Connections:
mechanical or corrosive damage
failure to maintain electrical continuity
n Grading at Pits and Tunnels: Adjacent earth surface improperly sloped
and does not divert surface water away from pits and areas above tunnels:
n  Pits for Valves, Meters, and Pumps:
defective cover gaskets, hinges, locks
dry hinges
trash and debris
cracked, spalled, or broken concrete areas
rotted, splintered, broken, and other damage to wooden parts
rust, corrosion, and cracks in metal covers and frames
defective gaskets, hinges, locks
unlubricated hinges
trash and debris in pits
other deficiencies
n Underground Tunnels:
deteriorated protective coatings


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