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Fuel Facilities-Storage-Continued
other damage
n Drainage Ditches, Sumps and Earth Surfaces between Ditch and
improper slope to divert surface water away from foundation and
trash and debris
n Leakage: Locate leaks by filling completely with water and applying
hydrostatic pressure of 4 ft. of water for not less than 4 hours:
review records to determine indication of fuel losses
review oil sample records to determine if water infiltration
6.2.9 Heating:
n  Thermostats - Check for:
Proper operation (if possible)
Vacuum or air leaks
Proper location
n Coils - Check for:
Proper vacuum breaker on condensate return for steam coils
n Zone pumps - check for proper operation:
n  Radiators - Check for:
Radiator valves and traps condition
Leaks at push nipples
Operation of automatic air vents on hot water systems
n Baseboard radiators - Check for:
Leaks in fin tubes
Damaged cover and mounting frame
Leaks of radiator valves and traps on steam units
Leaks of automatic air vents on hot water units


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