Quantcast Heating-Continued

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n Fan coil units - Check for:
Proper operation
Damaged cabinet
Proper drainage of drain pan
Proper mounting
n Duct system and components - Check for:
Proper operation of dampers
Insulation damage and type
condition and operation of diffusers
n Control valves - Check for:
Vacuum or air leaks at connections
Proper operation
n Heat exchangers - Check for:
Casing leaks
Condition and proper operation of traps
Proper operation of associated valves and pumps
Proper operation and condition of vacuum breaker on condensate
n Expansion tanks - Check for:
Proper operation
n Boilers: Perform general inspection of boilers and unfired pressure
vessels. Use ASHRAE guidelines for life expectancy. Refer to Boilers
and Unfired Pressure Vessels sections in this chapter:
Stack - Check for:
Deteriorated metal
Proper stack cap and tension cables


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