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Proper operation of steam traps
Proper drainage, cracking, and proper venting of cooling wells
Valves - Check for
Leaking flanges
Packing condition
Test operation where practical
Expansion joints - Check for
Leaks at packing glands
Anchor points and slip guides
Pressure reducing valves and components - Check for
Leaking packing glands
(Water distribution only) Check water for rust and color of water
(Cold water rust may require filter where water enters building or
shows signs of rusting. Hot water rust only may require hot water
tank to be flushed or replaced.)
6.2.12 Plumbing:
n Sinks/tubs - Check for:
Cracks and wear of porcelain or other surface
Inoperative or leaking mixing valves
Pop-up waste (drain plug) operation
Proper installation
Proper drainage
n Showers - Check for:
Proper drainage
Leaking valves
Leaks through floor
n Water closet - Check for:
Proper flush cycles
Cracked bowls or tanks
Proper securing of flanges


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