Quantcast Water Utility System

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Unfired Pressure Vessels-Inspection of Operation-Continued
excessive vibration
ineffective or defective operation
n  Pressure Reducing Valves:
improper operation
n Metering and Recording Devices:
improper operation
n Safety and Relief Valves:
improper operation
obstructed discharge
does not release at required pressure. Have qualified personnel
adjust to proper setting requirements (See MO-324 for appropriate
organizations/personnel authorized to perform this function)
6.2.17 Water heater: (including convertors and storage tanks where applicable).
Check for:
Proper temperature
Proper relief valve installation
Capacity of each tank in the building
Holding tank condition (rusting, weeping, or deteriorating)
Insulation condition and type of insulation
Type of hot water tank (steam, electric, or reclaim)
Location of each tank
6.2.18 Water Utility System: Start the inspection from the source (water treat-
ment plant, well, local water main, etc,) and follow it until the lines reach a facility or
other destination. Obtain water utility system drawings before inspections. Nothing
should be turned on or off and nothing should be opened or closed unless special arran-
gements have been made with the activity. Notify the local utility department before
starting the inspections. Check for:
Valve leaks


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