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Heating -Continued
n  Boilers and related piping:
Less than 20 years old
Adequate output
Parts are easy to procure
Replacing or repairing parts is cost effective
Records show few repairs
Over 20 years old
Records show many repairs
Related piping badly deteriorated
Inadequate output
Parts difficult or impossible to procure
Replacing or repairing parts is not cost effective
n Controls (electric/pneumatic):
Only minor adjustments required
Repair is cost effective
Old, broken, damaged, or inoperative thermostats, valves,
and/or other major components
Uncontrollable temperature variations throughout facility
6.3.7 Insulation: - (Fiberglass, Armaflex)
n Repair:
Only small areas tom or damaged
Repair would be cost effective
n Replacement:
Over 50% tom or damaged
Repair not cost effective


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