Quantcast Chapter 7. Electrical Inspection Guide

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Cathodic Protection Systems - includes wood poles used to support overhead electric
distribution systems and/or telephone open wire or serial cable systems and such acces-
sories and related items as crossarms, insulators, pins, tiewires, hardware, line wires
near the pole, guywires, and groundwires
Disconnecting Switches - includes manually group-operated and hook-stick-operated
disconnecting switches used on transmission lines and distribution systems, including
grounding switches
Distribution Transformer -
Deenergized - includes deenergized electric distribution transformers used for
voltage reduction
Energized - includes energized electric distribution transformers used for voltage
Electrical Utility System - the overhead and underground power transmission and dis-
tribution lines from the source (base power plant, local utility feed, etc.) to the facility
or other final destination
Fire Alarm - the electronic warning system for fire. From the panel to the activating
device to the alarm
Fuses and Small Circuit Breakers (Under 600 Volts and 30 Amperes) -Visual inspec-
tion only of fuses and small circuit breakers and their enclosures in electrical circuits
operating at 600 volts or below and rated at 30 amperes and below
General wiring - all wiring throughout a facility including attic and crawl space wiring
Grounds and Grounding Systems - includes electrical grounds and grounding systems
for all electrical equipment, apparatus, machinery, metallic conduit, and all accessories
that are a part of the outdoor electrical power distribution system. It also includes
grounds of structural supports, frames, towers, safety fencing, hardware, equipment
enclosures, system neutrals, and buried ground cable networks and counter-poises used
in substation and similar areas. In such places, good engineering practice, Bureau


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