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Cathodic Protection Systems-Continued
n Anodes (waterfront and water tank structures where visible):
clean corrosion product off and measure/report the diameter of
anodes every three years or when significant deterioration from past
inspection is noted
report apparent average diameter remaining so arrangements can
be made for replacement or adjustment
n  Bushing (supporting anode):
severe rust and corrosion where resistors including variable types
are installed in circuit
examine units for corrosion
broken or frayed wires
loose connections
n  Electric Wiring (hot water tanks):
poor insulation
loose connections
RECTIFIER-POWERED SYSTEMS: Record voltmeter and ammeter readings
where installed.
n  Exterior of Enclosure:
mechanical damage
n  Cover Hinges and Locks:
inadequate lubrication
other deficiencies
n Wiring and Fastenings Near Rectifier:
broken or damaged insulation
corrosion on conduit


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