Quantcast Cathodic Protection Systems-Continued

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Cathodic Protection Systems-Continued
n  Interior of Enclosure:
deteriorated/damaged rubber gaskets
dirty insulating oil or improper oil level (oil cooled rectifiers only)
drops of moisture
loose wiring
signs of excessive heating. (Do not put hand or tools inside
n  Anodes (waterfront structures where visible):
clean corrosion product off and measure/report the diameter of
anodes every three years or when significant deterioration from past
inspection is noted
report apparent average diameter remaining so arrangements can
be made for replacement or adjustment
n Bushing (supporting anode):
severe rust and corrosion where resistors including variable types
are installed in circuit
examine units for corrosion
broken or frayed wires
loose connections
n Exposed Wires and Cables:
insecure fastenings
frayed or broken insulation
n Electrical Connections (wires and cables connected to anode junction
boxes and/or other equipment except rectifier enclosures):
poor condition
loose connections
other deficiencies


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