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7.2.2 Chimneys and Stacks (Electrical): Comply with all current safety precau-
tions. Also refer to Chimneys and Stacks (Structural). Check for:
n Lightning Rods, Terminals, Cables, and Ground Connections: Test for
electrical continuity from aerial terminals through ground connections:
other damaged parts and connections
n  Lights, Hoods, Reflectors, Shields, and Receptacle Fittings:
failure to operate
missing, loose, or damaged parts
need of relamping
n Conduit:
breaks and other damage
remove conduit inspection plates and examine internal connections
for lack of tightness and inadequacy
relays for defective operation
for loose or weak contact springs
worn or pitted contacts
7.2.3 Disconnecting Switches: Comply with all current safety precautions. DO
NOT operate until tests show circuit is dead and grounding harnesses have been at-
tached. DO NOT operate without prior clearance from operating forces. Inspection of
pole-mounted switches requires an assistant to operate the switch from the ground.
Determine if the preventive maintenance inspections are adequate. Check for:
n  Group-Operated Switches:
loose brackets and holding bolts
nonrigid bearings and supports


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