Quantcast Disconnecting Switches - mo322_20139

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Disconnecting Switches- Continued
n  Grounding Cables, Clamps and Straps:
weak supports
broken or frayed portions of conductors
loose connections
n Insulating Section of Operating Rod:
indications of cracks or signs of flashovers
n Movable Connections:
inadequate lubrication
other conditions resulting in malfunctioning
n Switch:
gears stiff or adjustment needed. (Operate switch several times to
determine. DO NOT operate without prior clearance.)
n Locking and Interlocking Devices and Mechanism:
functional inadequacy to prevent unauthorized operation
n Mounting and Bases:
twisted, bent, or warped
loose or missing ground wire
cracks, breaks, chips or checking of porcelain glaze, more than thin
or transparent film of dirt
other deposits on porcelain
damage indicated by streaks of carbon deposits from flashovers
loose, broken or deteriorated cement holding insulator to other
parts. (Arrange for insulator cleaning during this inspection since
it is performed only when line is deenergized.)


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