Quantcast Disconnecting Switches - mo322_20140

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Disconnecting Switches- Continued
n Blades and Contacts:
excessive discoloration from overheating
roughness and pitting from arcing
misalignment of blades with contacts
Arcing Horn Contacts
failure to contact each other throughout their length when
switch is opened and closed
inadequate tension of bolts and springs
inadequate blade stop
lack of hinge lubrication
insufficient nonoxide grease for blades and contacts
n Cable or Other Electrical Connections:
loose bolts
discolorations indicating excessive heating at connection points
corrosion particularly that resulting from atmospheric conditions
n Electrical Clearances of Cable or Other Conductor:
inadequate to other phases or to ground for applicable circuit
voltage. (Switch both open and closed,)
n Flexible Connections:
frayed, broken or brittle. (Excessive discoloration indicates
n Cable from Grounding Switch to Grounding System:
broken strands
loose connections


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