Quantcast Distribution Transformer-Continued - mo322_20142

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Distribution Transformer-Continued
broken cable insulation
corrosion indicated by blue, green, white, or brown corrosion
products on metallic portions of all main and ground terminals,
including terminal board and grounding connections inside
n Enclosure and Cases:
signs of moisture if case is opened
plugged breathers
inactive desiccant
enclosure leakage
rust or corrosion on inside cover
n Coils and Cores: If feasible, probe down side with glass rod, and if dirt
and sludge exceed approximately 1/2 inch, arrange to change or filter
insulating oil, and have coils and cores cleaned. Use low-pressure air, if
available, to blow out dust from air-cooled transformers, or pull out dust
with vacuum equipment:
interior deficiencies
n Gages and Alarms: ENGINEERING TESTS should be performed under
supervision of qualified electrical engineer before, during, or after
inspection as applicable. Assistance of inspectors and craft personnel is
required, and arrangements should be made with proper authority to
assure coordinated effort by everyone taking part:
liquid Level Gage and Alarm System
not readable
improper frequency of calibration
test grounding system
test dielectric strength of insulating liquid. Refer to NAVFAC


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