Quantcast Distribution Transformer-Continued - mo322_20145

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Distribution Transformer-Continued
improperly placed
n Grounding:
loose, missing, broken connections
signs of burning or overheating
frayed cable strands
more than 1 strand broken in 7-strand cable
more than 3 strands broken in 19-strand cable
n Bushings and Insulators:
cracked, chipped, or broken porcelain
indication of carbon deposits
streaks from flashovers
dirt, dust, grease, soot, or other foreign material on porcelain parts
signs of oil or moisture at point of insulator entrance
n Grounding and Phase Terminals:
overheating evidenced by excessive discolorations of copper
loose connection bolts
defective cable insulation
no mechanical tension apparent as a result of temperature changes
leads appear improper and create danger of flashovers from unsafe
phase-to-phase or phase-to-ground clearances caused by
deterioration of leads or expansions during temperature changes.
n Lightning Arresters:
where attached to or mounted on, refer to Ground Test (Lightning
Protection) (Electrical)
n Breathers:
holes plugged with debris
desiccant-type breathers need servicing or replacement


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