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Distribution Transformer-Continued
n Grills and Louvers for Ventilation of Air-Cooled Transformers:
Openings located near floor or ground line can be inspected with small
nonmetallic framed mirror having long insulated handle, used in
conjunction with light from hand flashlamp having insulated casing.
Throw light beam onto mirror and reflect upward into openings:
plugged with debris or foreign matter, interfering with free passage
of air.
7.2.5 Electrical Utility System: Start the inspections from the source (power
plant, local power company feed, or where the power lines come up from the ground.)
Obtain electrical utility system drawings before inspections. Nothing should be turned
on or off and nothing should be opened or closed unless special arrangements have
been made with the activity. Notify the local utility department before starting the in-
n  Overhead - Check for:
Condition of all components, especially
Rusting of metal parts
Rotting of pole (knock the base of the pole with a hammer
and listen to sound)
Broken insulators
Proper sag of conductors
Proper installation of components
Leaking transformers
n Underground:
The underground electrical system may only be checked by a visual inspection of
opened pad mounted transformers and other devices. A maintenance representative
from the activity should open the devices. Inspector should not attempt to open or
touch parts of an open device. Check for:
Cleanliness inside and out
Proper gage readings
Proper installation of all components
Condition of all components


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