Quantcast Fresh Water Storage (Cathodic Protection System)-Continued - mo322_20149

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Fresh Water Storage (Cathodic Protection System)-Continued
n Anode Suspensions (elevated water tanks and systems for waterfront
bent or broken suspension members or braces
frayed or broken suspension lines or cables
loose bolts
loose cable connections
frayed or broken wiring
n Anodes (waterfront structures where visible):
when more than 3/4 spent
report apparent average diameter remaining so arrangements can
be made for replacement or adjustment
n Bushing (supporting anode):
severe rust and corrosion where resistors including variable types
are installed in circuit
examine units for corrosion
broken or frayed wires
loose connections
n Electric wiring (hot water tanks):
poor insulation
loose connections
RECTIFIER-POWERED SYSTEMS: Record voltmeter and ammeter readings
where installed.
n  Exterior of Enclosure:
mechanical damage
Cover Hinges and Locks:
inadequate lubrication


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