Quantcast Motors and Generators

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n DC Ammeters:
improperly connected in grounded leg of grounded DC circuits
n Instrument Transformers:
poor physical condition
inadequate connections
visual evidence of overloading or overheating
7.2.14 Lighting: Check condition and operation of:
n Diffusers, lens, globes:
n Broken or aging fixture:
n Proper wiring and mounting of fixtures:
n Proper operation of all emergency lighting fixtures:
n Assure that emergency lights are wired into dedicated circuits:
7.2.15 Motors and Generators: Comply with all current safety precautions.
Determine if preventive maintenance inspection is adequate. When practicable, start,
run, and cycle motor and generator equipment through load range. Take care in start-
ing motors and generators. On standby or infrequently operated equipment, check
rotor freedom and lubrication. At humid locations check records for evidence of
regular exercise; if not found arrange for drying out windings; megger windings before
starting motor. Check for:
RUNNING INSPECTION (While Equipment Operates)
n  Log or Operator Records:
evidence of motor or generator overload
induction motor underload
low power factor of load
excessive variations in bearing temperature
operating difficulties
n Exposure:
unsafe accessibility for maintenance of instrumentation
exposed to physical or other damage from normal plant functions,
processes, traffic, and radiant heat


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