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Motors and Generators-Continued
stator-iron air slots causing excessive temperature. (Too hot to
touch. Measured temperature should not exceed 80F for open
frames, or 90% for enclosed frames. Compare with manufacturer's
n Motor and Generator Leads:
exposed bare conductors
frayed, cracked or peeled insulation
poor taping
oil or grease
breaks in insulation at entrance to conduit or machines
arcs or burns
inadequate terminal connections
lack of resiliency, lack of life or dried-out insulation
exposure to physical damage, traffic, water, heat, for
semipermanent, temporary, or emergency connections
n Bearings:
improper lubrication (check lubrication schedules for lubricant
used and frequency)
improper oil level in oil gages
incorrectly reading gages
noisy bearings
overheated bearing caps or housings. (If bearings are too hot to
touch, determine causes. A slow but continuous rise in bearing
temperature after greasing indicates possible overlubrication or
underlubrication, improper lubricant, or deteriorated bearings.
Under normal conditions, the temperature of ball or roller bearings
will vary from 10 to 60F above the ambient temperature.)


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