Quantcast Power Plants-Continued - mo322_20172

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Power Plants-Continued
improper location
Operating Log, Plant Log, and Maintenance Records
failure to record pertinent readings
other information necessary to locate and evaluate trouble
areas and trends
Evidence of need to follow up deficiencies that may lead to
Generator Loading Operating Log:
review for duration and amount of overload, ambient temperature,
temperature rise. Note when rated temperature is approached or
n Insulation:
Make insulating test measurements of generator field, armature
windings, and cable from main breaker terminals. Note evidence of
electrical weakness to extent that normal operating voltage or
surges may result in failure
n Generator Excitation Systems:
not serviceable
poor physical condition of emergency exciters and associated
equipment, including rheostats, pilot exciters, voltage regulators,
motor drives
inadequate ground indicating system in ungrounded exciter circuits
n Plant Battery:
Battery Room or Enclosure:
lack of cleanliness
unacceptable temperature
inadequate ventilation
unsatisfactory condition of floor
fire hazard from lighting and power fixtures, fittings, and


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