Quantcast Steel Power Poles and Structures

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7.2.22 Steel Power Poles and Structures: Comply with all current safety precau-
tions. Remember these structures are part of an Electrical system and may be conduct-
ing current. Avoid contact with line poles and structures until they have been grounded
and/or deenergized. Check for:
n Ground Area:
trash, debris, weeds or brush one foot in height within 3 feet of pole
or structure
n Concrete Bases, Pads and Anchor Bolts:
cracks, including surface cracks wider than 1/16 inch
chipped areas deeper than 1/2 inch
defective paint/galvanizing
visible rust or corrosion to depths exceeding 1/16 inch
loose or missing nuts/bolts
where visible, inspect all metal where it enters concrete
n Street Light Standard Handholes and Bell Interiors: Visual Inspection
Only, If Energized:
installed transformers
loose wires
excessive discolorations from heating and sparking
signs of insulating compound or other leakage
charred, burned, or missing insulation
n Poles, Structures, Crossarms and Beams: Inspection from Ground, Use
Field Glasses:
defective paint/galvanizing
visible rust or corrosion, especially pitting where visible
inspect all metal in contact with, or entering concrete
loose bolts and pins


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