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7.2.23 Switchgear: Comply with all current safety precautions. Check for:
n Asbestos: Inspect ARC chutes and flash pads for friable asbestos.
Vacuum to eliminate safety and health hazard using high efficiency
particulate air vacuum (HEPA VAC) Do not use compressed air. Avoid
dispersing asbestos. Then encapsulate and seal with insulating paint such
as "Gyptal" or equivalent from any manufacturer. Use protective clothing
and respirator as required. Empty HEPA VAC into plastic bag for
disposal at approved asbestos disposal facility:
n  Are preventive maintenance inspections adequate?
n Housekeeping:
detrimental conditions such as ambient temperatures in excess of
humidity causing sweating of metal enclosures
rodents or insect infestations
stored combustibles
trash, dirt or dust accumulations
poor location
poor ventilation
gas, steam or water leakage
n Exterior Housing and Enclosure Ground:
need for painting
signs of abuse
unauthorized or improper signs
storage materials or dust accumulating on top of enclosures
missing parts or other items
poor condition or inadequacy of enclosure ground


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