Quantcast Repair/Replacement Criteria - mo322_20184

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Wood Poles and Accessories-Continued
n Guywires:
loose, missing, or corroded clamps, wires or holding bolts, and
broken or cracked insulators and complete absence of insulators on
circuits over 300 volts
excessive tautness or looseness and failure of guys and guy anchors
vehicle damage
inadequacy and nonvisibility of shields or protectors
fraying or broken strands
n Clearances and Tree Limbs: Use Field Glasses:
inadequate separation from limbs, branches, and foliage
dead trees or limbs that may fall on line
brush and tree prunings have not been removed
inadequacy and poor condition of tree guards and attachments on
insulated wire
7.3.1 Fire Alarm: Since the fire alarm may not be tested, it's true condition may
not be determined. If replacement is considered, consult with the fire department serv-
ing the facility. An engineering evaluation may be necessary to determine the correct
7.3.2 General wiring:
n Repair:
General good condition
Problem area can be spliced in an accessible area
n Replacement:
Insulation badly cracked, damaged, deteriorated
Undersized conductor


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