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Slate Roof-Continued
n Missing slate percentage - If twenty five percent (25%) or more of the
slate is missing, consider roof replacement. If this much slate is missing,
the fasteners have probably failed. Reuse some of the slate if possible
during roof replacement:
8.2.5 Trusses: Comply with all current safety precautions. To identify truss mem-
bers for the report, use a sketch of the truss and label the panel points either numerical-
ly or alphabetically. The deficient member may then be identified by indicating the
panel points between which it lies. Check for:
n Truss Sag: Examine trusses for sagging by stretching piano wire between
supports and measuring vertical defections at panel points or use a
surveying instrument:
n Painted Surfaces:
complete absence of paint, particularly at end of members
record film thickness and condition on metal surfaces
n  From Ground: Use field glasses:
twisted and bowed members
excessive number and size of knots
slope of grain over one inch in ten
checks and splits in ends of web members
separation or slippage at joints


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