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Asphalt strip shingles-Continued
No rust on valley, step, or vent flashings
No evidence of previous repairs
n Replacement:
Brittle shingles -they crush and break under foot
Clawed and turned under shingles
Missing shingle tabs -possibly due to bad weather
Mineral loss on shingles
Rusting valley, step, and vent flashings
Frequent leaks -check with activity's records
Many repairs evident
8.3.2 Built-up Roof:
n Repair:
Flashing responsible for leaks
Generally good condition, no membrane splits, tears, etc.
No history of major leaks
Attic or overhead inspection indicated good condition of underside
of roof
Nondestructive testing indicates majority of insulation is dry
n Replacement:
Membrane is cracking, splitting or slipping
Membrane condition is poor
Nondestructive testing indicates majority of insulation is wet
Roofer recommends replacement as most cost effective
Many repairs are evident
Frequent leaks -check with the activity records
Leaks are interfering with the mission
Water ponding evident and associated with leaks
Lack of sufficient aggregate and advanced membrane deterioration
such as brittle condition


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