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l-100 PURPOSE.  The purpose of this manual is to provide naval shore
activities guidance on obtaining quality public works support services
through facility support contracts (FSCs). Managing the output quality and
responsiveness of a facility support contractor starts with the earliest
stages of requirements definition and runs through every phase to contract
close out. This manual has been prepared for officers in charge,
contracting officers, contract specialists, facility supports contract
managers and quality assurance evaluators.  This manual should be read in
conjunction with the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) and supplemental
regulations including the NAVFACENGCOM Contracting Manual (NAVFAC F-68)
which are the primary sources of contracting policy. If there are any
conflicts between this manual and the FAR or the P-68, the FAR or the P-68,
shall be followed.
The success or lack of success of a FSC is measured in terms of the extent
to which it (1) supports the local mission requirements, (2) obeys
applicable procurement statutes, and (3) provides a fair return for the
taxpayer's dollar. The most successful contracts can be characterized in
the following manner:
(a) Thorough long range planning was undertaken.
(b) Good specifications were prepared.
(c) The best possible contractorwas selected using the most
appropriate procurement method.
(d) The contract was administered by a well organized and efficient
post-award administration staff.
All components are essential for sustained high quality performance from a
service contractor.  No amount of good contract administration can overcome
a bad specification, and no amount of good contract administration can
extract quality work from a contractor with a record of poor performance.
It is inter&d that thismanual be used as a familiarization tool, a
training aid, and a desk top reference.  It should be a resource for the
practitioner, trainer, and decision maker. This manual supersedes and
cancels NAVFACENGCOM MO-327 dated November 1982 and MO-326.1 and MO-326.2,
dated April 1981.  Policies, criteria, and nomenclature in this manual also
supersede those contained in instructional materials and guide performance
work statements previously issued.
l-200 BACKGROUND. Traditionally, prior to the 1980s, surveillance of
service contracts was accomplished in a "hit or miss" fashion, with no
writtenplan, utilizing whatever personnel resources were available at the


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