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time.  Surveillance usually focused on adherence to specific work procedures
rather than on the quality of contract outputs.
During the 1970s, the trend to contract public works functions became
evident throughout the Navy. Many factors influenced this trend, but
manpower ceiling restrictions, economics, and requirements for specialized
services were the principal driving forces. Recent high level emphasis has
been directed toward utilizing the private sector when functions are not
inherently governmental in nature and economics prevail.  The Office of
Management and Budget (OMB) Circular No. A-76 specifies policy and
conditions for private versus Government operations and reaffirms the
Government's policy of reliance on the private sector commercially
available goods and services. The Department of Defense (DOD), through the
commercial activities (CA) program, has implemented this circular.
Public works support by contract is a partnership between NAVFACENGCOM and
the naval shore establishment.  NAVFACENGCOM's contributions to that
partnership are contracting authority, procurement resources, and technical
advice on shore facilities management. The naval shore establishment, or
the local activity Commanding Officer, contributes fiscal and human
resources and a definition of requirements.  For this partnership to
culminate in a public works mission fully supported by quality contract
services, both parties must participate from beginning to end.
NAVFACENGCOM's manual on Organization and Functions for Public Works
Departments (NAVFAC P-318) provides additional guidance on coordination
l-310 Naval Facilities Engineering Command.
(a) The Naval Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFACENGCOM) provides
technical and managerial assistance to Navy and Marine Corps field
activities with regard to operation and maintenance of shore facilities and
related engineering material and equipment.
(b) NAVFACENGCOM is one of several system commands that provide
logistics support to the Navy. The chain of command leads to the Chief of
Naval Operations, who reports to the Joint Chiefs of Staff for operational
control and to the Secretary of the Navy.  The Secretary represents the Navy
within the Department of Defense.
l-320 Major Claimants  Major claimants are the operational components of
the Navy charged with carrying out the mission of national defense and sea
power.  They are responsible for manpower and material readiness including
the operation, maintenance, and repair of their shore facilities.
l-330 Engineering Field Division (EFDs). NAVFACENGCOM has established
six engineering field divisions as its primary field organization.  The head
of the contracts department (Code 02) within the EFD is responsible for
executing procurement policy and has oversight responsibility for contract


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