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related matters.  Within the facilities management department (code 09B),
the facilities division (code 10/16), is responsible for facilities
maintenance management. EFD (Commanding Officers are designated Contracting
Officers and are issued warrants for procurement purposes by the Commander,
NAVFACENGCOM.  This contracting authority is generally further delegated by
the EFD Commanding Officer to Civil Engineer Corps Officers and civilian
contracting personnel located at the EFD and Navy field activities.
1-340 Field Activity Organization. Depending upon contract workload
factors such as dollar volume, physical location, and type of work, the
field activity procurement organization may take many forms.  Contracting
authority may be delegated by the EFD to a local Civil Engineer Corps
Officer to act as either procuring Contracts Officer (FCC)), Administrative
Contracts Officer (ACO) or both.  In these capacities, he/she may act within
the limits specified in the contracting warrant and is responsible for all
actions taken in connection with both pre-award and post-award contract
l-410 Definition. Quality means different things to different people so
we must start with a usable definition.  Quality is job one," the familiar
Ford Motor Company slogan attempts to convince the buying public that every
car that rolls off the assembly line measures up to Ford's specifications.
In this application of the word "quality," the producer is deciding what is
and what is not a quality output.  This notion of quality has been referred
to as Quality-in-Fact. There is more to quality, however, than just the
absence of defects.  Because we have both buyers and sellers, or in the case
of public works support services, providers and receivers, there is another
definition and that is quality as the customer sees it. This notion of
quality is more subjective and has been referred to as Quality-in-Perception.
Quality-in-perception is believing that the goods or services will meet the
customer's expectations.  This dual nature of quality is important to
understand because no effort to provide contracted support services will be
successfuluntil the output meets both tests: Quality-in-Fact -- compliance
with specifications and Quality-in-Perception -- consistent with
l-420 Policy. NAVFACENGCOM is committed to the policy that we exist only
to assist the operating Navy in the performance of its mission. The
commitment means that individuals at every level will maintain a focus on
the customer and assist in the executionof that mission with the best
quality support services possible given available resources.
With regard to providing public works support services by contract,
NAVFACENGCOM's policy on quality is as follows:
(a)  The customer will be a full participant in the establishment of
contract quality standards.


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