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(b) All quality requirements and performance standards will be
communicated to the market place via the procurement solicitation so that
offerors can compete with full knowledge of the Government' s quality needs
and expectations.
(c) When contractor performance is particularly critical, quality will
be emphasized to the extent that it is on an equal footing with price when
determining the success ful contractor.
(d) Service contract operations will be managed on the premise of
"continuous quality improvement" rather "acceptable quality level."
Government actions and contractor actions will be regularly reviewed for
quality improvement opportunities.
(e) The Government will not pay for services which do not conform to
the contract quality standards. Where practical, the contractor will be
directed to reperform the work.
1-500 SOURCES OF SUPPORT.  Sources of support include oversight and
consultation provided by NAVFACENGCOMHQ and the EFDs and training provided
by the Naval Facilities contracts Training Center, the Civil Engineer
Officers School, and the EFDs.
l-510 Oversight and Consultation.
(a) The oversight function for matters effecting contracts is the
responsibility of the NAVFACENGCOMHQ (02) contracts department. This
oversight is primarily exercised through the contracts policy and quality
assurance and support divisions and by procurement management reviews
carried out in the field.
(b) EFD Contracts Department (Code 02).  The contracts department has
primary authority on all contractual matters, provides guidance and
assistance with the interpretation of procurement policy, andretains
oversight responsibility.
(c) EFD Facilities Division (Code 10/16).
(1) The facilities division provides technical support for FSC
performance work statement (PWS) development and for the development and
implementation of QA plans.  Code 10/16 personnel work with activity
personnel in the identification of FSC requirements and in packaging
functions for multifunction contracts. This code maintains a reference
library of FSC technical specifications and NAVFACENGCOM guide performance
work statements (GPWSs).
(2)  The facilities division assists the contracts department in
conducting procurement management reviews to determine the adequacy of base
level management and surveillance of FSCs.


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