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MO-327 CHG 94-01
(a)  Naval Facilities Contracts Training Center (NFCTC). A
course entitled Facility Support Contracting is offered by NFCTC
periodically at each EFD, overseas locations, and Port Hueneme,
This course provides a general overview of procurement and
detailed instructions on contracting for base operations,
maintenance, and support.  This course is designed for contract
specialist and Administrative Contracting Officers.  Facility
support contract managers are strongly encouraged to attend.
(b)  Civil Engineering Corps Officers School (CECOS). A
course entitled FSC for Functional Managers is offered by CECOS
periodically at each EFD as well as at Port Hueneme, CA.
course addresses administration of FSCs and is designed for
public works functional managers.  Contract specialist, facility
support contract managers (FSCMs), and specification writers
should also consider attending this course.
(c) EFDs. Quality assurance evaluator (QAE) and performance
work statement (PWS) writing training courses are offered by the
EFDs periodically.  The QAE training course was  prepared
specif ically for QAEs, but all personnel involved with FSC
administration are encouraged to attend.
Note:  Contact your local EFD to find-out what types of FSC
training may be available since this manual was last revised.
Also, contact your local EFD to find-out what types of computer
programs for FSCs are available.
l-530 NAVFACENGCOM Uniform Contract Format Guide.
The NAVFACENGCOM Uniform Contract Format (UCF) Guide contains
approved clauses and provisions for use as an aid in preparing
Facility Support Service Contracts over $25,000.  The clauses and
provisions contained in the UCF have been approved in accordance
with the requirements of the Department of Defense Acquisition
Regulation (DFARS) and the Navy Acquisition Procedures Supplement
(NAPS).  No other clause ma  be used unless approval is ob tained
from NAVFAC Code 11.  The c lauses and provisions are arranged in
the UCF as required by  the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR)
and the sections to which they are assigned shall not be changed.
l-540 NAVFACENGCOM Guide Performance Work Statements (GPWSs).
NAVFACENGCOM is develo ping several GPWSs to assist in the
preparation of FSC technical specifications.  Appendix C provides
a list of NAVFACENGCOM GPWSs currently  available.  Copies are
available from the EFDs in either hard  copy or on word processing
diskettes.  They are designed to be tailored by each using
activity to fit local requirements.  The policies, criteria, and
nomenclature in this manual supersede those contained in
previously issued GPWSs.
is subject to the CA program, the specification development must
be written to the level of performance equivalent to t he current
in house effort or to the level of effort that can be achieved by
the most efficient organization if the function is retained in


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