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The EPRS adds pricing and surveillance requirements to the data already
compiled in the performance requirements summary.  Figure 2-5 illustrates
how the EPRS, if us& effectively as a planning tool, can become the source
document for
(a) The technical portion of the contract specification,
(b) The bid schedule-the schedule of deductions,
(c) The quality assurance plan,
(d) The government estimate;
(e) And the overall framework for the contract document.
When complete, the EPRS becomes part of the "comprehensive plan" addressed
in FAR Subpart 7.1.  Details for preparing an EPRS can be found at 3-300.
2-400 THE PROCUREMENT TEAM. Obtaining quality contract services in a
manner which is both legal and cost effective is a complex matter. The
interdisciplinary nature of the effort means no single individual is likely
to have all the required knowledge and experience. Therefore, the
Contracting Officer, contract specialist, public works officer (PWO),
facility support contract manager (FSCM), or commercial activities
coordinator should form a procurement team as early as possible in the
procurement in order to:
Develop and execute a master plan for the procurement.
(b) Develop a level of dialogue and mutual trust so the team can
communicate efficiently and be responsive to change.
(c)  Deal effectively with the concepts of "quality in fact" -
compliance with specifications and Quality in perception" - consistency
with expectations.
Figure 2-6 illustrates the principal constituents of the procurement team
and also highlights the path by which the team accomplishes its objectives.
The expand& performance requirements summary, as discussed in the preceding
section, is the key to tying together both the people and the procurement
documentation. While the composition of the procurement team may vary from
contract to contract, there are a few key individuals whose contribution
arecritical to the success of any contract. They are:
2-410 The Customer. The customer's representative or functional manager
brings to the team detailed knowledge of the operational mission
requirement .  He/she is the central figure in the needs analysis stage and
also contributes valuable historical data.  To ensure there are no
misunderstandings during the performance phase of the contract, it is
essential that the customer representative contribute to the establishment
of the contractor's performance quality level and have an appreciation of
the estimated cost of the services.


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