Quantcast Facilities Support Contract Manager (FSCM)

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2-420 Facilities Support Contract Manager (FSCM) . The FSCM has direct
responsibility for day-to-day management of the activity's  FSC program. As
such, the FSCM serves as the technical advisor to the public works officer
concerning the use and administration of FSCs.  The FSCM is appointed by
letter from the head of the Contracting Office. Prior-award, the FSCM is
usually responsible for coordination of the technical specification, the
Government estimate; and the QA surveillance plan. Post-award
responsibilities include recommending contract modifications to the
Contracting Officer, supervision of quality assurance evaluators (QAEs),
implementing quality assurance plans, initiating corrective action in the
event of unsatisfactory contractor performance, and providing assistance in
the preparation of performance work statements for subsequent contracts.
Specific responsibilities and limits of authority are contained
Contracting Manual P-68, at Appendix E.
2-430 The Specification Writer. The specification writer contributes
technical knowledge of facilities management and a familiarity with
specification formats.  This is the individual who converts the customer's
needs into contract language.
2-440 The Contract Specialist. The contract specialist provides overall
contractual guidance in preparing the specifications.  The contract
specialist works with the specificationwriter in preparing the performance
work statement (Section C in the uniform contract format), the performance
requirements summary (PRS), the various price schedules, and related
attachments.  He/she will prepare the majority of the clauses in the
remaining contract sections.
2-450 The Quality Assurance Evaluation (QAE)  The QAE contributes field
experience  in the post-award administration and surveillance of service
He/she  provides  guidance  to the specification writer to ensure
contract requirements are described in a manner which enables the Government
to objectively assess performance. He/she serves as the "eyes and ears" of
the Contracting Officer.  The QAE performs theactual surveillance of the
contractor's performance and reports to the FSCM. The scope of their
authority is provided by a letter of appointment from the Head of the
Contracts Office.  Specific responsibilities and limits of authority are
contained in the Contracting Manual P-68, at Appendix E.
2-460 The CA Program Coordinator. In the event the acquisition planning
process is coupled with a CA study, the CA program coordinator should be a
member of the procurement team. This is the individual who is charged with
preparing a management study (in the context of OMB Circular A-76). It is
essential that the contract requirements for the anticipated procurement be
closely coordinated with the results of that management study.
2-500 TIME MANAGEMENT.  Facility support contracts are, by definition,
contracts for ongoing base operation and maintenance functions. When
contract services are closed out or terminated without a follow-on contract
in place, the loss of continuity can have serious mission degrading


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