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MO-327 CHG 94-01
specification is rarely  used and characterization of a
specifications as "perf ormance" functional," or "design" merely
reflects which category predominates.
Initial Data Gatherins.  Prior to preparation of the
specifications, as much data as possible should be assembled
concerning the scope of the work required.  If the work is
currently being  done under contract, the scope of the existing
contract shoul d be thoroughly reviewed and every effort made to
determine the degree of customer satisfaction during performance
of the work.  Any pattern of delays or problems areas in which
occurred in the past, whether or not the work was performed under
contract, should be researched.  In writing the specifications,
careful consideration should be given to past pro blems.
The data gathering includes securing information such as the
contractor's current manning levels, the amount of work performed
under the existing contract, cost data, preventive maintenance
inspection requirements, operating and maintenance procedures,
and activity instructions.  If the current contract has
provisions for indefinite quantity work, a comparison should be
made between the amount of work estimated and the amount that was
actually carries out.  Work delay s and backlogs which occurred
should also be identified.  If t he work is currently the subject
of a cost comparison, the same data  gathering  process is
necessary, and the information must b e analyzed in accordance
with OPNAVINST 4860.7.
Sources of data include
Data Source.
Contracting Manual (P-68) implements and supplements the Federal
Acquisition Regulation (FAR), the Department of Defense Federal
Acquisition Regulation (DFAS), the Navy Acquisition Procedures
Supplement (NAPS), and the Naval Facilities Engineering Command
Contracting Manual (P-68).  The UCF also contains extensive
clauses which have been in common use for several years.
(b) NAVFACENGCOM Uniform Contract Format Guide. The
NAVFACENGCOM Uniform Contract Format (UCF) Guide contains
approved clauses and provisions for use as an aid in preparing
Facility Support Service Contracts over $25,000.  The clauses and
provisions contained in the UCF have been approved in accordance
with the requirements of the Department of Defense Acquisition
Regulation (DFARS) and the Navy Acquisition Procedures Supplement
(NAPS).  No other clause may  be used unless approval is ob tained
from NAVFAC Code 11.  The clauses and provisions are arranged in
the UCF as required b  the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR)
and the sections to which they are assigned shall not be changed.
(c) NAVFACENGCOM Guide Performance work Statement (GPWSs).
NAVFACENGCOM is currently developing guide performance work
statements (GPWSs) to assist in the  reparation of Facility
Support Contract specifications.  A l ist of GPWSs currently in
development is contained in Appendix C.  In the event of
conflicts between policies, criteria, and nomenclature contained
in this manual and previous1  issued GPWSs this manual shall be
Copies are availa b le from eng ineering field divisions
in hard copy and on word processing dis k s.


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