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(d) MILITARY BULLETIN 34, Engineering and Design Criteria for
Navy Facilities.  This publication includes a listing of:
(1) Naval Facilities Guide Specifications (NFGS),
(2) Military Standards and Handbooks (MIL-HDBK),
(3) Federal Specifications, Military Specifications, Military
Standards and Industrial Standards used in NAVFAC Guide
(e) CSI Manual of Practice. This publication of the Construction
Specifications Institute (CSI) is the standard of practice of the
construction industry with regard to the wording, order of information, and
general format of construction specifications.  It is particularly useful
when the CSI format is used in preparing a facility support contract.
(f) MASTERFORMAT. This is a master list of section titles and numbers.
This publication, produced by the CSI, provides as a part of the CSI Manual
of Practice, a uniform approach to organizing and numbering specification
Base (CCB) consists of the full electronic text of construction criteria and
guide specifications prepared by NAVFACENGCOM, the Corps of Engineers, NASA,
the Veterans Administration and other agencies. Full text is directly
accessible to IBM compatible personal computers.  CCB utilizes compact
discs, each capable of holdirq 250,000 pages of information.  CCB provides
the tools to translate all CCB data bases into various word processing
formats including WordPerfect, WordStar, MultiMate, and other formats.
SPECSINTACT, which stands for "Specifications (kept) Intact," is an
automated system for developing construction project specifications and is
one of the program provided on the CCB. The Naval Facilities Guide
Specifications are published on the Construction Criteria Base.
The specifications currently available are limited to construction related
The CCB/SPECSINTACT system has been installed at the engineering field
divisions, public works centers, public works offices, and offices in charge
of construction: further information on the system is available from the
engineering field divisions.
(h) Trade publications.  There are many publications issued by trade
associations, procedures, and other groups that provide current "state of the
art" procedures and methods.  The specification writer should contact trade
associations and others to identify these publications.
As discussed at 2-220, a key component of job analysis is the development of
a tree diagram or work breakdown structure.  Constructing a work breakdown
structure involves identification of all the functions to be undertaken as


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