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and profit associated with that particular contract requirement. Itemslike
"Maintenance Management" should therefore not be listed as contract
requirements as such functions are considered included in the scope of the
individual contract requirements.
Occasionally, there is a temptation to make the PRS as short as possible by
lumping together contract requirements which have different characteristics
under a single heading. For example, routine service calls and emergency
service calls are sometimes combined under one heading as service calls.
This short cut invariably leads to serious problems in the preparation of
quality assurance plans and in attempting to take deductions from the
contract price for nonperformed or defective work. A comprehensive list of
well thought out contract requirements indicates that an effective analysis
has been made of the functions to be carried out under the contract.
3-330 Performance Requirements. The performance requirements associated
with each contract requirement are shown in the PRS and include:
(a) Work Requirements. A series of work requirements associated with
each particular contract requirement is listed in the PRS. The work
work requirements are typically specified in terms of timeliness of performance,
the preparation of documentation associated with a particular contract
requirement, and the quality of the work. The relationship between a
contract requirement and associated work requirements may be visualized as
shown in Figure 3-4.
The number of work requirement is not limited to three, and it may
sometimes be advantageous to have a greater or lesser number of work
requirements associated with any particular contract requirement. For
example, it may be advantageous to have more than one work requirement
related to the quality of the work or the documentation required in
connection with a particular contract requirement. However, in general, it
is desirable to limit the number of work requirements to a minimum with no
one particular work requirement representing an insignificant portion of a
contract requirement. Sometimes the preparation of separate work
requirements for an associated contract requirement may be unnecessary or
inappropriate, and in such instances the description of the work requirement
will correspond to the description of the contract requirement in the PRS.
The work requirements for each contract requirement are summarized on the
performance requirements summary (PRS) and are described in detail in the
performance work statement (PWS) text.
(b) Weight.  The value of each work requirement is specified as a
percentage of the contract requirement with which it is associated. The
percentages are based on judgement, taking into account both the costs
incurred by the contractor in carrying out a particular work requirement and
the detriment to the Government if the work requirement is not satisfied.
The weight assigned to each work requirement will be used in calculating
deductions to the contract price for nonperformed or unsatisfactory work and
must be reasonable.


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