Quantcast Surveillance Requirements

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MO-327 CHG 94-01
If the work requirement under the contract was carried out under
the indefinite quantity part of a prior contract, the units used
should be determined.  The effect the particular choice of unit
had on the ease of contract administration or any difficulties
encountered, which could be attributed to the particular unit
chosen. should be examined.  The fact that a particular unit was
chosen for use in a prior contract should not alone determine the
unit chosen for the new contract.
The pricing requirement section of the EPRS is used in
determining the units which will be used for those items on the
schedule of indefinite quantity work.  The units shown in the
EPRS for items included in the firm fixed price part of the
contract will not usually correspond to the units in the schedule
of deductions as discussed at 3-560.  However, all of the units
in the EPRS will be used in the quality assurance plan and in
calculating deductions to the contract price for nonperformed or
defective work.  The pricing requirements section of the EPRS
also serve as a source of prices for comparison with the
contractors' bids and for comparison with the prices the
successful contractor submits in the various schedules.
3-350  Surveillance Requirements.  A quality assurance (QA) plan
including surveillance guides (SGs)
for each contract requirement
or group of contract  i s  p r e p a r e d  a t  t h e  s a m e  t i m e
the PWS is prepared. The number of the SG and the principal
method of surveillance for each contract requirement is taken
from the EPRS as shown in Figure 3-5.  QA plans are discussed in
detain in Chapter 4.
As shown in Figure 3-5, The EPRS consist of two principal
sections.  The first section consist of the performance
requirements summary (PRS), which shows the contract requirements
and the performance requirements.  The second section consist of
the pricing requirements and the surveillance requirements.  The
(PRS) is included, as a matter of policy, as part of the contract
documents in the case of all facility support contracts written
in the Uniform Contract Format.  The use of the PRS is optional
in the case of contracts written in the Construction
Specifications Institute (CSI) format.  Contract formats are
discussed at 3-510 and 3-610.  Ensure that line items in the PRS
and Schedule of Deductions match.
3-510  General.  Facility support contracts (FSCs) are prepared
in one of two formats, the uniform contract format or the
Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) format.  The CSI
format, with some modifications, is the format NAVFACENGCOM uses
for construction contracts.  Normally, the uniform contract
format is used for FSCs when the wage rates are governed
exclusively by the Service Contract Act.  Such contracts are
referred to as facility support "service" contracts.  The CSI
format is used when the wage


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