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MO-327 CHG 94-01
for example, contained in a series of paragraphs starting with
C.7 and extending to say C.22.  In this case, "WORK
DOCUMENTATION" would be numbered C.23.
In multifunction contracts, the PWS may be divided into Annexes
and numbered Section C, Annex 1; Section C, Annex 2; Section C,
Annex 3; etc.  Each Annex shall have its own table of contents
and paragraphs numbered C.1, C.2, C-3, etc.  Reference to
paragrap h s are stated as "Paragraph C.2 of Annex 2, or Paragraph
C .2 of Annex 3,  etc."  Attachment to these paragraphs are
inserted in Section J and listed in the Table of Contents of
Section J.
3-531  Paragraph C.1 GENERAL INTENTION, briefly states the
intention of  the solicitation is to obtain specific services at a
specific activity by means of a specific type or types of
3-532  Paragraph C.2 GENERAL REQUIREMENTS, is generally the
second paragraph and includes t he following:
The paragraphs are discussed below, and typical examples of the
paragrap hs are given.  These typical paragraphs are f or
Generally, significant tailoring is
necessary to make these examples applicable to a particular
Paragraph C.2 GENERAL REQUIREMENTS, includes a general
descrip t ion of the scope of work.  This parag raph should be
written broadly to facilitate a measure of f lexibility in the
event additional work is required, and the contract needs to be
A work excluded paragraph is optional and should be used with
care in order to avoid  giving b idders the impression that if work
is not s pecifically included, it is automatically excluded.
work exc luded paragraph may be useful in clarifying the scope of
complicated multifunction contracts, especially if some of t he
work is already being performed by contract.
Typical Paragraphs
GENERAL REQUIREMENTS.  The Contractor shall provide all
labor, supervision, tools, materials, equipment, and
transportation necessary to maintain the facilities as
described herein, including manning the trouble call
desk, performing emergency work, urgent work, routine
service work, preventive maintenance, performance of
routine recurring work such as relamping, maintaining
emergency lighting  systems, cleaning grease traps,
implementing faci lity inspection program, preparing
estimates, and performing a facility inspection
program, preparing estimates, and performing indefinite
qua lity work items of maintenance, repair, and minor
construction designated by the Contracting Officer.


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